Weapon systems used by YPG
20 Ocak 2018

Weapon systems used by YPG

From the beginning of the civil war, weapons are floating to Syria from around the world to Syrian rebels or directly to regime.
Weapons can be sometimes anti-tanks, sometimes anti-material or anti-air gun.The rebels are fighting against each others or against the regime
So, the weapon exchange between regime and rebels happens so often.If a group or regime captures a district, it captures the weapon from it’s enemy.
This weapon exchange between regime and rebels happens so often because of the civil war in Syria lasted for 7 years and still continue.
No one will be surprised when a weapon given by Russia to regime to fight against the rebels, is can be seen in the hands of Syrian rebels.
The PKK’s Syrian branch YPG is one of the groups affected by this arms exchange.But the YPG is the group that receives the most foreign aid
compared to the other Syrian opposition groups.YPG has improved its inventory very seriously, with the support from the US and European states.
YPG has various weapon systems in its inventory.As a result of open source analysis, the weapon systems in the inventory of the YPG have been identified.

[caption id="attachment_7782" align="alignleft" width="2400"]Weapon systems used by YPG Weapon systems used
by YPG[/caption]